Stormwater Management Services

EECI provides design and install specifications for projects ranging from the smallest ornamental ponds to large stormwater wetland systems. EECI can design, install, and maintain all types of ponds, impoundments and wetlands. Taking account the user’s goals, site-specific objectives, and all applicable regulations, EECI can assist professional engineers, landscape architects, stormwater managers, regulatory agencies, and private landowners with water course design and construction.

Using Green Technology Best Management Practices and products, EECI implements aquatic management programs addressing aquatic vegetation control, soil stabilization, and fish & wildlife, as applied to stormwater management ponds, lakes, streams, ditches, impoundments, and wetlands.

Muskrat Trapping Program

Envirotech now offers muskrat trapping!  As you may know, there is a muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus species) dispersal problem here in the Mid-Atlantic region. The furry aquatic mammals are entering into subdivision and municipal stormwater management ponds, wetlands, and ditch systems to conduct their niche and start new reproductive colonies in newly created habitats. The muskrats are herbivores and pose no threat to humans or pets.

However, when they burrow into embankments to create reproductive dens they pose a threat to the structural integrity of the soils associated with stormwater management systems. The burrows create holes, pits and sumps that may pose a liability if a person steps or falls into one or if mowers sink into them.

In order to best serve our clients we have developed a trapping program that ensures muskrat removal under permit by lethal means. Our new cost-effective program is based on trapping times from December 15th–March 15th and requires daily monitoring and removal. There are no set up fees (for a limited time).

For more information on pricing, procedures, and scheduling, please call our office at 302-684-5201.

Water Quality Management - Aeration

Aeration is vital component of any healthy stormwater management pond with permanent pools of 2.5 feet or greater. Aerating your pond's water column may increase both the ecological and aesthetic appeal of the system. Ecologically, aeration increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water column and facilitates circulation. With increased oxygen levels, bacteria are able to breakdown more organic debris, which translates into less nutrients and fewer algae blooms. The increased oxygen and circulation also reduce fish kills and mosquito larva.

Aeration produces aesthetically pleasing settings by providing better water quality and aesthetic enhancement. Floating fountains and submerged diffusers are often the aeration method of choice. Please see our product catalog for our wide selection of fountain and diffusers from AquaMaster, Otterbine, and Kasco. If an on-site consultation is needed, please call our office at 302-684-5201 to set up a complimentary appointment.

Water Quality Monitoring and Enhancement

Healthy water quality results in both environmental and aesthetic benefits, as well as meeting regulatory policies. EECI professionals have the expertise to monitor, restore and maintain water courses with site specific maintenance and management planning serving as the guideline of principle and process. For a complementary assessment of your stormwater management system, wetland or pond, please contact us at 302-684-5201 or

Riparian Buffer Zone Maintenance

EECI provides comprehensive riparian buffer zone maintenance and management programs. EECI utilizes Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) program(s) designed and implemented in and around the transition between water columns and upland slopes. Invasive species control, erosion control, habitat enhancement, viewshed restoration, and nutrient uptake are primary objectives.

Aquatic Vegetation Management

Controlling undesired aquatic vegetation and algae is a key factor in maintaining a healthy aquatic system. Our applied scientists will selectively control undesirable vegetation and select for desirable types. EECI applies environmentally responsible herbicides and/or physical removal processes to produce the desired results for our clients. In addition, we offer sales and installation of native beneficial aquatic plants to enhance your aquatic ecosystem.

Rain Gardens - Design, Construction, Maintenance

Rain Gardens are a Green Technology Best Management Practice used to reduce water pollution runoff, increase water infiltration, and turn unsightly areas with drainage issues into functioning aesthetically pleasing areas. EECI designs, installs and maintain custom rain gardens using a variety of Green Technology Best Management Practices, including Filtrexx® Rain Gardens.

Rain Gardens can be sized to treat and accept runoff ranging from an entire site to a single downspout. EECI can inspect your community, municipality or commercial open space. We will design a custom Rain Garden to suit your needs.

Fish and Wildlife Management/Nuisance Animal Trapping

The Delmarva Peninsula is home to a significant population of resident Canada Geese which negatively impact aquatic ecosystems, have negative economic impacts, and degrade the aesthetic appeal of many communities. EECI offers a variety of non-lethal tools to control goose populations and reduce the associated impacts. We also offer trapping services for burrowing muskrats and other nuisance animals.

Fish Stocking

EECI determines site-specific carrying capacity limits of waterways and specifies native and naturalized game fish to establish viable populations. The installed finfish species provides an amenity for holistic fishing experiences.

Invasive Species Control

Using an Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) including cultural, chemical, and physical methods, EECI provides program design and implementation to eradicate and control exotic invasive and native nuisance species. EECI staff are licensed and trained to identify and treat these species in a variety of ecosystems, including ponds, wetlands, riparian areas and forested ecosystems.

Educational Outreach

In residential subdivisions, municipal or academic settings, educational outreach is the key to understanding the natural world and its interactions in eco-sensitive sites, as well as the importance of environmental maintenance and management activities. Interactive collaborative inquiry-based learning may be required for understanding the concepts of Natural Resource Management and the applied sciences. EECI's educational outreach programs are designed by a State of Delaware certified educator to address all learning styles appropriate for the occasion.

The programs can be tailored to a variety of ages and educational levels. Homeowner associations, municipal governments, school districts, property management companies, and higher learning institutes can take advantage of our educational programs for a state-of-the-art learning experience. Please call our office 302-684-5201 to schedule a complimentary program at your location.

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