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Envirotech Environmental Consulting, Inc. (EECI) provides a wide range of Environmental Management Services(EMS) to a vast clientele throughout the Delmarva Peninsula. Our diverse clients include development corporations, property management corporations, municipalities, homeowners associations (HOA), engineering and design firms, educational institutions, state and federal agencies, and private landowners, who use our cost effective services to promote environmentally sound, educational, and aesthetically pleasing results. Comprehensive natural resource management programs are designed and implemented by EECI's applied natural resource scientists, environmental scientists, and biologists. All field service providers are licensed and certified.

Environmental Management Service programs are applied to stormwater retention facilities, impoundments, ponds, lakes, wetlands, forested areas conservation easements, parks, and community green space. Our innovative and cutting edge programs apply to integrated vegetation management, aquatic and terrestrial ecological restoration, water quality management, stormwater management, and community-wide educational outreach. We are a licensed landscape architect in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

Our Professional Services Division works directly with private, community, and municipal planners in pre-design environmental management planning and to select the appropriate environmental management products required to meet their needs. Client support includes a variety of Due Diligence, Engineer Support Services, and Project Management services.

EECI's President and Founder, Todd Fritchman, possesses a vision in which society and the natural world meet and coexist in a mutually beneficial environment. His background includes a B.S. in Biology from Salisbury State University and a M.S. in Biology from Delaware State University. In addition to running EECI, Mr. Fritchman has served as an environmental science educator in local school districts, chaired the Center for the Inland Bays Water Use Plan Committee, and directed the region's United Open Water Rescue Program. Under his guidance, EECI was awarded the 2001 Governor's Cup of Excellence for Aquatic Restoration. Mr. Fritchman was also awarded with the State of Delaware Governor's Aquatic and Marine Educator of the Year Award.

Ashley Portmann

Accounting & Business Manager
Office: 302.684.5201 Ext. 4
Ashley is our company's Accounting and Business Manager, with over twelve years of experience in accounting and small business management. Ashley manages our Financial department by preparing and sending our clients' invoices and reviewing all accounts receivable. Ashley helps maintain our inventory department, including budgets and product usage logs. Ashley helps ensure that the integrity of financial data is protected by monitoring and enforcing policies and procedures. Ashley is a Wilmington University graduate, earning her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting.

Maggie Cullen

Director of Human Resources & Marketing
Office: (302) 684-5201 ext.9
Maggie is our Director of Human Resources and Marketing. Maggie is in charge of the recruiting, staffing, and compensation of our employees. Our Human Resources department provides the training and development of staff, including coordinating seminars, bi-weekly meetings, and ensuring that all policies and procedures are being met, with our code of ethics. Maggie runs our Marketing department, including: advertising, social media, "Enviro-Alerts", educational outreach materials, and job postings. Maggie is an Art Institute of Pittsburgh graduate, earning her Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Management and Marketing. Maggie also has an Associate's Degree in Visual Merchandising and a certification in photography. Maggie has over fifteen years in retail management, including talent recruiting, training, sales and social media.

James Powell

Senior Project Consultant
Office: (302) 684.5201 Ext. 2
Mobile: (302) 462.5441
James is our Senior Project Consultant for all project coordination. James develops proposals and finalizes contracts and establishes client communication. He creates Conservation Landscape Plans and Corrective Actions to fix recognized deficiencies within communities and/or properties. James is also responsible for ensuring that all local and state stormwater compliance regulations are met. He provides project oversight for our company, including scheduling and material inventory. James is a Delaware State University graduate earning his Bachelor’s degree in General Agriculture with a minor in Environmental Science.

Jackelyn Toggart

Project and Aeration Consultant
Office: (302) 684.5201 Ext. 5
Jackelyn works in our Project Consultant department, creating contract proposals, including: maintenance and management programs, integrated vegetation management plans, and aquatic algaecides/herbicides budgets. Jackelyn was recently promoted to our Aeration Department as a consultant. As the Aeration Consultant, Jackelyn is in charge of all fountain and aeration proposals, including sales & repairs. She also provides client communication and project coordination. Jackelyn is a Pennsylvania State University graduate, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Resource Management specializing in water science and a minor in Geographic Information Systems.

Kelly Vanuga

Environmental Project Supervisor
Office: (302) 684-5201 ext.3
Kelly is our Professional Service's Project Supervisor. Kelly is responsible for project monitoring, environmental assessments and consulting, wetland delineations, permitting and Phase I's. Our professional services division also consists of certified construction reviews and indoor air quality testing. Kelly was recently promoted to a supervisor role in our company. Kelly is a University of Delaware graduate, earning her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies specializing in energy and environmental policy.

Robert Eastburn

Logistics & Office Administrator
Office: (302) 684-5201 ext.1
Rob is our Logistics and Office Administrator. Rob is our schedule coordinator for all upcoming events, projects, assessments and meetings. Rob is in charge of dispatching all community and property jobs and work orders to our Field staff supervisors and technicians, while providing administrative and clerical services in order to ensure effective and efficient operations. Rob assists in managing reporting, including conducting research and compiling data and also scheduling our employee's certifications and licenses. Rob is a graduate of Wilmington University with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management. Rob also has two Associate Degrees, in Airport Management and General Studies. Rob is retired from the US Air Force, serving over twenty years in our military.