Products and Services

Stormwater, Ponds/Lakes and Aquatic Management Services

Using Green Technology Best Management Practices and products, EECI implements aquatic management programs addressing aquatic vegetation control, soil stabilization, and fish & wildlife, as applied to stormwater management ponds, lakes, streams and ditches, impoundments and wetlands.

Natural Resource and Community Open Space Management

In order to provide the planning and application of the Green Technology Best Management Practices (GTBMP) and products required for sustainable community living, EECI may assist before, during, and post-construction build out.

Professional Environmental Services, Due Diligence Reporting, and Engineer Support Services

With a comprehensive approach to all Due Diligence and Project Management needs, Envirotech’s professional services can help reduce permit and project turn-around times and eliminate federal and state liabilities related to abandoned hazardous waste.

Erosion and Sediment Control

Using Best Management Practices, Envirotech provides design specifications and installation of erosion control structures for stabilizing coastlines, stormwater management facilities, rivers, and disturbed soils.

Project Management

EECI provides oversight on land disturbance activity including pre-construction design, certified construction review, construction/installation, maintenance and management. Projects include coastline restoration, wetlands construction, mitigation, rain gardens, and stormwater management.

Aerators / Diffusers

Implementing a water quality management solution is key in maintaining stormwater management ponds. Aeration systems improve water quality, leaving clean, healthy ponds and lakes, while adding a visually attractive setting.


Envirotech Environmental Consulting, Inc. (EECI) is pleased to announce the addition of our new Asbestos Services Division.  EECI is a Certified State of Delaware Asbestos Service Firm!  Our newly added services include asbestos inspections, abatement, and more!


We are proud to sell, install, repair, and maintain these quality products:

  • Quality aeration and water management systems from AquaMaster, Kasco, and Otterbine
  • Maintenance Contracts Available
  • Low impact land development products by Filtrexx®, including the SiltSox™ (FilterSoxx™) & GroSoxx® product lines
  • The safe, energy efficient iHeater