Aerators & Diffusers

Implementing a water quality management solution is key in maintaining stormwater management ponds. Aeration systems improve water quality, leaving clean, healthy ponds and lakes, while adding a visually attractive setting.

water quality management and aerators and diffusers fountain
water quality management and aerators and diffusors

Aeration in Stormwater Management Ponds

Aeration is vital component of any healthy stormwater management pond. Aerating your pond's water increases both the ecological and aesthetic appeal of the system. Ecologically, aeration increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water column and facilitates circulation. With increased oxygen levels, bacteria are able to breakdown more organic debris, which translates into less nutrients and fewer algae blooms. The increased oxygen and circulation also reduces the likelihood of fish kills and disrupts mosquito larva development. Aeration produces aesthetically pleasing settings by providing better water quality and aesthetic enhancement. Floating cascading fountains and/or submerged air diffusers are the preferred options.

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